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Zoo Keeper, 3d low poly character under 1000 triangles. This is a low poly 3d test I did in 5 days.
I did the sketches and concept with sketchbook pro.
Digital sculpture in Zbrush.
Blender for fast retopology (low poly under 1000 tris) and good UVs in few time.
3ds Max to create the "cage" low poly model and the tiled the mirrored uvs, test normal map bake errors.
xNormal to generate a good normal map, AO map and other maps at the same time. In 3dsmax you need to setup the baking render parameters for each map situation.
CrazyBump to generate maps from the normal map without need of baking again any geometry.
Photoshop CC for combining the maps and painting the textures.

I satured the textures a little bit at the end.

Zoo Keeper low poly

Luis arizaga rico render screenshot 04

Zbrush detail

Luis arizaga rico render screenshot 05

Zbrush 3d concept

Luis arizaga rico render test zookeeper

Blender render test.

Luis arizaga rico painting game testures

Blender a good tool for tweaking maps in real time.